Saturday, August 28, 2010

Auntie Tina's birthday cake!!

Remember those wonderful images of beautiful cupcakes made by my sis-in-law? Well, it was her birthday during the week and the family gathered at her place today to celebrate it.

Guess what her birthday cake was?

This was obviously a request from Amelia who is currently very fascinated with all things pony and horse. Anyway, when it came to cutting it, no one wanted to have it cut and Tina had to do the honours herself! 6 hours work! From start to finish. From flour, eggs and milk to beautiful sponge cake. From a slab of cake to a cake her little niece adored!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


So, just when I thought that with Amelia all better, we would be sailing smoothly through winter without another bout of anything. Well, didn't quite go as planned or imagined. Zach came down with a high temperature on Monday and was consistently running a fever of over 40C that would only come down if we gave him panadol. Mom and dad had enough of this and had us bring him to the doctors on Wednesday night. Thank God they made such a fuss. The doctor took one look down his throat and pronounced: throat infection. Well, once Zach got onto antibiotics, his fever went away and he is decidedly better.

We had to keep him home from school today. Didn't like doing that at all as his class was going to the Fire and Emergency Services Education and Heritage Centre
today. He missed out on his very first excursion. The whole experience of riding on a bus with his friends, having lunch out in the city and listening to the specialised program they had for the pre-primary to year 2 kids. Oh, I feel so absolutely sad for him.

Oh well, he is non-the-wiser as he has never been on an excursion and wouldn't know what he missed. There will be lots of other opportunities for that. After all, he is only in Kindy.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Extraordinary Wednesday

Last night, I sat proudly next to Khoa at the Perth Town Hall as he waited to receive his award for teaching excellence in tertiary education. I beamed even more brighter when he walked up to the stage to get his certificate from the Chair of the Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC), Professor Hay. All those late nights and one way conversations when he obviously was thinking about work has paid off! He won the national tertiary teaching award for his initiatives in architectural education. Go to the ALTC website for more information.

Congratulations, babe! I'm so happy that there is finally recognition.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Amelia is running a fever

my poor little baby is running a high temperature. No other signs and symptoms so it's probably nothing serious but she's my little girl. Petite. Fragile. China-doll. We gathered around her and said a prayer tonight.

So I suppose I should count this as bout no. 3.

Hmmph...I don't think the kids have ever been so sickly ever. Might just be due to Zach now being at school and bringing home all the bugs.

I must apologise. No crafting or painting thoughts are flowing through me at the moment. I am flatlining most days and am just grateful to crash into bed most nights. I wonder if it is just me or it is winter getting to me?

How about you? You doing okay?
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