Saturday, March 28, 2009

the long silence is broken...

I guess I owe you an explanation for the long absence. It is ironic that when life throws you so many blog-able things, you actually don't have much time to blog! No, I'm not pregnant for those of you who are wondering. I've just been distracted, busy, lazy, etc. you name it.

The biggest reason is: I let my macbook's battery drain and forgot to charge it up for two days, which caused it to die. I could still use my macbook but just because I couldn't use it anywhere I wanted, I couldn't stand using my laptop. That was MONTHS ago. My dearest husband recently bought me a new battery and ah, life is grand once more!

Anyhow, I do have quite a few things to reveal over the next few weeks so stay tuned! It is all very exciting. See you soon!

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