Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hair rescue mission at Saw Hair Salon.

So, I had the worst haircut in my life the day before. This lady really went for it! My beautiful long hair all gone in mere minutes. This wasn't just in any hair salon either. It was a hair school and she was one of the senior stylists! I have never cried over hair before but I did after having my hair butchered.

I did some research and found really good reviews about Edwin Saw. I called to make an appointment and requested specifically for Edwin and the receptionist advised that I should come early as he had go to the Palace at 2pm. (Palace? That's probably another branch.) I agreed. Made the appointment and hoped for the best.

When I arrived, I was ushered to my chair where I was attended to within seconds by Edwin himself. He took a look at my hair and asked me what happened. He then proceeded to work on my hair for the next hour and half. He tried hard to keep whatever length that was left but had to cut it off anyway to give my hair shape and form whilst bearing in mind my want to grow my hair out again.

He then handed me over to one of his senior stylist to carry out the straightening treatment and apologised that he had to go out as he was summoned by the King to cut his hair. (The current King of Malaysia? Oh, that's why the receptionist said that he had to go to the Palace!) WOW! The guy that cuts the hair of the current King of Malaysia just cut my hair!!

Anyway, what I have ended up with is a short cut, with not much funfair, but classic in shape that frames my face well. Am I pleased? Yes! My hair feels fantastic after the treatment and I no longer have butchered hair AND the best of all, the straightening method ensures that I do not need to do anything to my hair in the morning except run a little wax through it.

I must say that I am a little sad about losing my long hair. BUT it is after all only hair and hair grows out.

Am I ever going back to that first hair salon? NEVER. Am I going back to Edwin? MOST DEFINITELY! I'm going to have my annual hair splurge at Saw Hair Salon. Next year, I may try the whole shebang: manicure, pedicure, neck and shoulder massage.

To think that all I wanted at the start was this hair cut! Now, it is going to take me at least two years before my hair can get to this length. *sigh*

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p/s: I am in Kuala Lumpur at the moment and having a great time shopping.

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