Monday, December 7, 2009

Extraordinary mondays - Hong Kong!

The verdict is in, I absolutely LOVE Hong Kong. The lights, the smells, the people, the trams. Particularly, the trams. If I ever decided to move to Hong Kong and lived on a tram line, I would take it as much as I can. I simply love the jerky, bumpy movement, the sound of the bells and the noise of the tram on the rails, and the whole concept of the movement of people in the most traditional form of public transport.

Unfortunately, I cannot show you my own shots as my camera loved the city so much, it decided to stay there! (Actually, Khoa needed my camera and I didn't get a chance to download my images off it before I left) However, I've found a shot by limaoscarjuliet that captures the scene quite well.

hong kong, originally uploaded by limaoscarjuliet.

What souvenirs did I bring home? I bought some clothes, handbags, some really beautifully handmade 3D pictures of iconic scenes of Hong Kong, lovely lovely jewelry from this little shop called La Fleche. (okay okay, so I'm sure one of the "e"s requires an accent but I can't figure out how to do it). More info on the shop will be in later post. Watch for it, I promise it is worth the wait.

Oh and I did really like Disneyland Hong Kong with all its kitsch and funfair but that can wait for another post when I get my photos.

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