Sunday, September 21, 2008

The weekend of firsts

Zach went to bed without his usual bottle tonight but instead sat at the dinner table and drank his milk from a mug! His "big boy" mug. He was so chuffed at himself throughout the whole milk drinking session, saying, "I'm a big boy drinking from big boy mug."

Amelia had her first drink of partially hydrolysed formula from a glass bottle today. She didn't make any fuss with the change. The partially hydrolysed formula is in hopes that it might alleviate the problem with Amelia's cheeks. Who knows? Hydrocort is no long term solution.

You might have guessed that we are moving towards eliminating our use of plastics especially polycarbonate for the kids. This explains the drinking from a ceramic mug and a glass bottle.

The next step in this process is to change our thermos. Haven't done enough research to find which one is BPA free. Any suggestions?

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