Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Incredible Hong Kong

For those who haven't had the opportunity to visit Hong Kong, I offer you a little pictorial taste of the vibrant city. I must qualify this by saying that I hardly ventured beyond the city's boundary except to visit Macau. I am sure there is much more to explore and I shall be doing that when I am next in Hong Kong.

First stop, the Peak. The view of the city from the Peak is breath taking. The more iconic buildings are the Bank of China by IM Pei (the building to with the criss cross on it) and Hong Kong Shanghai Bank by Sir Norman Foster (two buildings to the left of Bank of China). I must warn you: to get this view, you actually have to pay to access the viewing deck. I'm a little too commercialised for me but I did so want to see the view!

Next stop, Hong Kong by night. This is a definite must: take a tram down the main street and enjoy the sights. You will pass Wan Chai district, which is famous for its illuminated signs that hang over the street vying for attention.

Third stop, the laser light show. Every night at 8pm, the city puts on a laser light show that last approximately 15 minutes. Check out the details of the show here. The night we were there with the kids, they were having a dress rehearsal for the opening ceremony of the East Asian Games. The laser show was complete with junks, boats representing the participating countries and fireworks!

Another must is the yummy seafood in all the colours of the weird and wonderful. We were taken by a good friend to the most famous seafood restaurant in Sai Kung, Chuen Kee Seafood Restaurant. This is the place where most of the Hong Kong stars go to eat if they want seafood. For more pictures and information, visit Foodnut's review of it here.

To order much of your dishes, you stand before the array of aquariums as you can see below and you pick out what you'd like to eat and tell the staff how you would like to have it cooked. A little barbaric for the vegetarians but definitely an experience. The range of seafood is the largest I have ever seen!

Another must see is Disneyland, even if you don't have kids. The park is the smaller of the Disneylands and it makes a perfect one day outing. Amelia and Zach absolutely loved the rides and us adults really enjoyed the shows. (Okay, I admit, I loved the rides too!) Oh, did I mention that there is a fireworks display every night at Sleeping Beauty Castle?

Oh and of course when in between these attractions, you shop Shop SHOP! But the best thing of all was the time spent together having fun as a family. There are loads to do in Hong Kong for family with kids. Amelia and Zach are at the age where they are quite transportable in prams and having my parents with us on the trip was definitely an added blessing!

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