Monday, October 25, 2010

Extraordinary Mondays - 20-20 vision

Thank God for the health system here in Western Australia. At the routine eye and ear check for four year olds at school, the nurse picked up that Zach had pretty bad eye sight. We got a referral to see a pediatric opthamologist who confirmed that Zach had astigmatism and would need glasses.

Zach was really excited about the prospect of wearing glasses and asked if the opthamologist sold them (despite the fact that I had already told him we had to go to a shop) as he wanted them NOW.

Anyway, he got himself two pairs, a red pair and a black pair. He has shown much responsibility towards the glasses which is refreshing.

His grandparents are cut that he has to wear them. I quickly got over that fact fairly early on when the nurse informed us. I'm really enjoying how he looks with his glasses and absolutely adds to his "intelligent" quotient, don't you think?

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