Saturday, November 19, 2011

memories for another time

i need to explain the silence.
i was experimenting if i could stay away.
i was trying to see if i could stop blogging. not that blogging was becoming addictive but because i was always thinking in blog posts. in snippets. it bothered me. thinking in those terms.
so i decided to stop to see if i could stay away.
needless to say, after almost three months of virtual silence. i am busting with news to tell and wonderful stuff to show.
but the hiatus gave me retrospect. a chance to review and rethink the reasons why i blog.
i have come to the following conclusions:
  • my friends and family miss me. i mean even after all those weeks of silence, i still had visitors hoping for an update. i will write for them.
  • i was definitely getting more sleep without having to stay up to post but i was fading into gray very quickly. i will write for me.
  • most of all, i was creating memories for my children. i will write for them.
so what does this mean? i have decided to take my blog offline and into another format. if you'd still like to receive news from me, let me know.

photograph taken by timography

1 comment:

  1. Was really wondering 'why so quiet' actually - I was one of the visitors hoping for an update on my sis & family - esp the exceptional nephew & niece who are both so talented:) so you blog for me too, hehe :) Beautiful portrait of Zac & Amelia - they have GROWWNNN!


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