Sunday, October 5, 2008

Extraordinary Mondays - The Perth Royal Show

We go to the Perth Royal Show every year without fail, at least once. This year was the first year that Zach altered the way we experienced the show. We took a horse drawn coach ride, a camel ride, spent lots of time looking at the animals. It was also his first year experiencing kiddy rides. Oh, how he loved the teacup ride!

One of the mandatory stops every year is the Super Doughnuts store. Pierce, a really good friend of ours, co-owns the store with his brothers. It is the only doughnut store on the showgrounds that makes doughnuts fresh. If you haven't tasted one of their freshly made doughnuts, you haven't tasted a good doughnut yet. Check them out next year at the show. They are located immediately on the left if you enter through the railway station gates.

Can't wait till next year, I wonder if Zach will be up to the kiddy Purple Dragon Roller Coaster ride?

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