Friday, October 3, 2008

Oh, for the love of our children...

...we go to such great lengths:

1. After much trial and error, we have found one of the sources that have contributed to Amelia's eczema: her formula. We have changed to Nestle's Nan Gold HA and her cheeks cleared out 90% overnight!! It no longer weeps clear fluids. No more inflammation. Still a little rashy but nothing like before.

2. We have a great big 8-foot trampoline complete with its enclosure sitting in our living room. After initially hating the idea of the trampoline in the house, I really like it. Zach gets to play in it rain or shine, morning or night. Who says trampolines are outdoor play equipment?

3. After much searching and researching, I have ordered and am eagerly waiting on the arrival of three Klean Kanteens. One for Amelia, one for Zach and one for me! Klean Kanteens are stainless steel containers with BPA-free tops. I ordered a stainless steel top for myself to be completely plastic free. The little ones come with a top that fits an Avent sippy spout. I'll tell you how they fair.

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