Thursday, July 2, 2009

Starting out young and quick review on the Toshiba Protege R400

Zach drawing on the Toshiba Protege R400

Our young Zach is proving to be a young technogeek. He is not three and half yet and has already mastered the basics of the iPhone (a testament to its ease of use). He knows how to change the brightness of the screen, turning it off and on as well as volume control. Then, the other day, Khoa allowed him to draw on his laptop and we were amazed that he instinctively knew how to change the pen size and colour. The image above captures him as he is about to tap one of the icons on the toolbar to change the pen properties. Never underestimate your children!

In case you are wondering, the laptop is a Toshiba Protege R400. It is a computer tablet which allows you to flip the screen to enable you to use the pen stylus on the screen. Overall, the performance of the laptop is pretty good. We've had it for more than 2 years and its biggest downfall is Windows Vista, which came as its operating system.

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  1. I am also very impressed with the way Zach is holding that pen stylus. I've come across a lot of children much older than Zach who can't hold a pencil like that.



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