Wednesday, October 7, 2009

2009 Show

This year's Perth Royal Show has come and gone. Of the photos taken during the day, this is my favourite! The photo was taken on the second round of spinning teacup ride.

It was Amelia's first time on rides this year and she absolutely LOVED it. Such a thrill seeker, she was. On the carousel, she refused to have her daddy's hand holding her and kept pushing his hand away. On the teacup ride, she laughed out in glee when it spun this way and that. She even wanted to go with her brother on the kiddie roller coaster. (We had to draw the line somewhere!)

As usual, the kids loved the animals and went on the compulsory camel ride and pony ride. (Yes, Amelia went on her very own pony ride too!) We didn't get to go to see the sheep, alpacas, pigs this year so we missed out on the petting farm but that's fine. The kids had a wonderful time and Amelia had her first experience of fireworks! True to her nature, was absolutely enthralled.

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