Monday, February 1, 2010

Extraordinary mondays - Misty eyes

Today, my little baby Zach took his first steps to adulthood.

Okay, an exaggeration but today was his first day in Kindergarten and his first day where he is in a completely different place to anyone related to him. Today is the day that begins his story of his life away from home, where only he will know exactly what happens during his time away from us.

Were there tears at school? Absolutely none. Just pure excitement with a pinch of anxiety for familiar company at the start. He was so sweet, he asked if Amelia could stay with him. She would have loved to if she was allowed!

From what he told us, he had a great day. He says that school is NICE. He has already made a friend, Zac, on the simple basis that they share the same name and wants to invite him over to play with his dinosaurs.

He has also brought back his very first craft he made in school. A flag with his name and a picture he drew (which we are still trying to get him to tell us what it is of). One of many, I am sure. One of many which I will have to eventually make the decision to keep or to throw away.

Oh, I also got called a liar by Zach. When saying goodbye, I said that we will come pick him up later without thinking of going into the specifics that I had to go to work. When Khoa went to pick him up, he asked for me and said, "Mummy said that she was going to come pick me up". When they got home, he ran around the house looking for me and when he realised that I wasn't home, he said to Khoa, "Mummy is a liar" with tears in his eyes. Mental note to self, be specific with your soon-to-be four year old!

Zach is in bed now after his eventful day. Here I am feeling once again misty eyed thinking about the significance of this day. My first born in school. I was teary when Khoa and I said a prayer for Zach as he slept last night and as I watched him sleep peacefully. I guess I'm going to have lots more of these misty eyed days.

I'm going to miss my little baby boy.

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