Friday, February 26, 2010

Paving the way to getting handmade presents

Amelia's second birthday is coming up and I decided it was time to get him started on the journey of handmade presents. So I went out and got some beads and some elastic thread for Zach to make bracelets for Amelia. (Well, I kinda needed some craft activity for us to do together because his craft box has been empty for awhile. Poor thing.)

Anyway, he loved it! He wanted to make two bracelets and I gave him total control over the order of beads. I had to help him complete the bracelets, of course. I double looped the elastic thread and tied three knots and pulled the ends through at least two or three beads.

I think he did well, don't you think? I had to make sure that I hid the bracelets so that he wouldn't give the bracelets to her. He can't wait to surprise her! So sweet.

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