Monday, March 15, 2010

Extraordinary mondays - my little future bride

My sis-in-law has been wedding dress shopping and as dutiful matron-of-honour, I am providing my advice. (Okay, okay, I love weddings and everything about it, especially the wedding dress) So we have spent some Saturday mornings surrounded by beautiful, and not so beautiful, wedding dresses. And of course, you can't go shopping without the most girlie girl in the house!!

Amelia has also been a dutiful flower girl and enjoying herself tremendously. At 24 months, she even knows which dress looks good on her T (that's what she calls her Aunty Tina). She ooh's each time she see her T come out of the changeroom.

Last Saturday , we went to a store that had LOADS of dresses and Amelia loved just wandering through the gowns!! She is going to love the whole drama of the wedding and especially the part where she gets to dress in a little big dress full of tulle!

I wonder what type of bride she will be? A glamorous one? A romantic one? A classic one?

Oh, Tina did finally get her dress. I must confess that I did tear when she put her veil on. She looked so gorgeous and dreamy!! You all will have to wait until November. Sorry.

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  1. sounds like you had some wonderful bridal shopping excursions..and little Amelia oohing just sounds unbelievably cute! take care over there Adelyn : )


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