Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I've finished!!

Like the eager little kid wanting to show off her finished drawings, I present to you the latest finished pieces with much glee and anticipation.

I had to hold off showing you each piece as I finished them because I wanted to present them to you as a set. Not because they were painted with a common theme but because they were produced so closely together, I felt it was the best way to show them.

As you may notice, I am currently experimenting with a number of techniques, such as stencilling and 'canvas as blending palette'. However, what you may not be able to read from the photographs is that all three share one underlying technique which I am trying to master. I really don't know if there is a name for it as I don't have formal art training but I have been testing various ways of acheiving texture through the use of gesso and colour washes. The last image of the orange clouds and sky is one of washing one layer of paint and then another layer before the previous layer has completely dried. You can also see this colour washing in the leaves in the first image.

Now that these are done and ready for their new home, I have another set to produce. This is all very exciting! So much painting in such a short period of time. So watch this space. There is more to come!

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