Thursday, April 8, 2010

The eternal battle

Have I ever told you about my neverending battle with laundry. If I haven't, here's a brief synopsis. I HATE FOLDING LAUNDRY.

Here's a snapshot of the jumble that I am faced with when I throw my arms up in despair and acknowledge that there actually is a MASSIVE pile that I can no longer ignore. I daren't even show you an overview for fear that you turn away in disgust!

You wonder how I ever get to this point? Well, it is easy. I can find a hundred million things better to do than sit in one spot and fold laundry. This passion of mine began at a young age when my main chore at home was to fold the entire family's laundry every week.

I never mean it to always get this way but... *sigh*

if anyone out there has a proven method to fight this battle, I'm all ears.

1 comment:

  1. I fold mine as I take it off the line. Not because I'm diligent, but because I hate ironing more than I hate folding. And folding one load at a time is less daunting that having to fold multiple loads.



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