Monday, April 26, 2010

Extraordinary weekend!!

I've had such a wonderful long weekend. Here in Australia, we celebrated Anzac Day. This day is to remember the lives of those who have fought and are still fighting to ensure that freedom is a way of life.

I didn't attend the dawn service but observed a moment of silence at church.

Anyway, I had a very enjoyable weekend. Here's the synopsis.

Saturday: the usual weekly shopping with the kids. Went craft and cloth shopping at Spotligth with Zach. Made a Zach-size body pillow complete with two covers (both picked out by him). Made two puppet emus for the kids.

Sunday: heard an inspiring message at church. Took kids to the park. Zach cycled and Amelia "cycled" to and from. Zach surprised us and asked if he could sleep in his own room but ended up sleeping with us anyway.

Monday: Khoa surprised us all and took us to AQWA and Jetty's restaurant! Yay and yum! The kids had a blast. made this skirt for Amelia. She didn't runaway this time!!

Best moments of the weekend? Where shall I start?

Hearing Zach and Amelia laugh with glee when we cycled/pushed them really really fast back from the park. Zach behaving beautifully when craft shopping. Zach absolutely adoring his body pillow. The kids playing with their emus. Amelia not wanting to take her new skirt off. Khoa taking us out. Zach asleep in his own room tonight.

Just simply WONDERFUL! Hope you all had a great weekend too.

- ade on the go

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