Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mother's day crafting

I can't believe Mother's day came and went and now is almost a distant memory. I've been planning to tell about the special day I had but never got around to doing it until tonight.

I had a pretty good day. There wasn't breakfast in bed but I was allowed to laze in bed until I wanted to get up which was really wonderfully delicious. That was such a luxury.

When I finally did get out of bed, we had a ton of fun with a pack of air drying clay and a pack of white Crayola Model Magic. All of us joined in, including Khoa, Tina (who had slept over), Zach and Amelia. Check out all the cool stuff we made.

Because we only had a pack of white Model Magic, we used food colouring to create the colours we wanted. The kids loved kneading the colour into the Model Magic and see it change. Khoa and Zach made dinosaurs, snakes and flowers, Tina made that little bespectacled dinosaur and white flower. What was most surprising for me was Amelia's raw talent. We hadn't played very much with playdough or modelling clay until that morning and look what she made! A cute little creature that looked like an owl with a mustache.

I made myself a little something too to remind me of the day. A little baby sunshine complete with a pacifier. Very fitting, don't you think?

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