Sunday, May 1, 2011

Extraordinary mondays - Birthday encore

Our family loves throwing parties. full stop. You only need to look back at Amelia's 1st birthday invites.

We love particularly to celebrate birthdays with the creativity gauge on max. Often it involves lots of making and crafting. The entire family is engaged in some part of the preparations. And on party day, the guests are never allowed to just sit and relax. They become integral to the celebrations of the day.

It was the same when we threw Zach's 5th birthday party at Scitech this weekend.

Preparations began weeks ahead but went to a feverish pace the day before. There were lolly bags to be packed, food to prep, cake to make and activities to finalise.

Did I mention the cake or shall I say the cakes? Here are the hands of Auntie Tina making the dinosaur shaped cupcake toppers.

The one on the left is the dinosaur image the cupcake toppers are based on.

Oh, and DID I MENTION THE CAKE? Isn't it absolutely gorgeous!

The boys loved the cakes and managed to stay in their seats for their food. Hats off to them seeing that there were so many things to do at Scitech.

For the day, we put together a little activity that had the boys discovering different things in our world. Each boy got a "discovery bag" that had tools and equipment and an activity card. The card contained 5 tasks. The boys had to solve a clue, find the relevant station and complete the task. When completed, they received a stamp on their activity card. Each completed task earned them a little prize. The boys really took to the activity and had a blast. In fact, one of the Scitech members approached us for the activity card as he loved the idea and hoped to incorporate it into the Scitech-run parties.

The girls, Amelia and Emily, left the boys to their boisterous ways and did some quieter discovering of their own.

The party wouldn't have come together and be as successful as it was if it weren't for my wonderful family. Thank you Tina for the dino-rific cake and yummy food. Brendyn for the sausage rolls (and I'm sure, the washing up at home), Gina for being absolutely great with the boys and running the activity, Dan for looking after the girls, Aunty Kim Anh for rolling the fresh spring rolls, Liz and Andy for helping with the stations and buttering the sandwiches, Mom and Dad for the food preparations and of course, Khoa for planting the idea and fanning the inspiration flame.

Can't wait to throw the next party!

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