Friday, April 24, 2009

I love making party invites!

There is nothing more that I love doing than to organise a good party. I love the whole creative process! I particularly like to make the party invites. There is just something so delightful in making invites because you are inviting a friend to create memories that would last more than the event itself.

We just recently celebrated Amelia's first birthday. Amelia's party was themed around her nickname which is Mini Mouse. The invites took me AGES. I had to send out "save the date" emails because I was so tardy BUT I must say it is my best invite yet.

The invitation consisted of a package "sent" from a 21 year old Amelia. I even designed a fake postage date stamps for the year 2029 to extend the "back-to-the-future"-ness of the package. In that package was a letter "written" by Amelia to the invitees explaining that something has happened to her time capsule her parents had prepared for her when she was one year old. She invites them to restock her time capsule when they attend her first birthday party. As a token of gratitude, she has given them a softie mini mouse and tells them that they will find out the significance of that mouse at the party. (The softies were meant to be used during the party in a game but I kinda run out of time designing the game so that bit was a disappointment to me.) In the package was also some cards where she asks them to help her fill details and messages from the people at the party.

Neat, huh?

Here are some photos of the invites:

These are the mice I made for the invites.
I must admit, they are not of the best sewing quality.
Many of them were produced post midnight.

Here they are, waiting to be packaged.

The packages in the car en route to guests.

The softie mice are sewn from Terese Levy's free pattern which you can find here. Her blog, Sewing Stars, is always an inspiration if you are stuck in no-softie's-land.

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  1. That's fantastic Ade! How are you ever going to top that? But I am sure you will. Very creative! Love it!



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