Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Studio Junction - Courtyard House

Oh boy! This must be the hottest little piece of architecture on the planet at the moment! The whole net community is buzzing with how FANTASTIC this house is. I was sent a link to some photos by Nat a few weeks ago and then Khoa gets sent a link to the architectural practice's website.

Drop whatever you are doing at the moment and head to studio junction's website for some incredible photographs of their courtyard house project. The attention to detail and the thoughtfulness of the spaces are by far the best I have yet to see, even by the masters of architecture I dare say. Just look at the drainer by the sink! I must say I am particularly enamored to the project because it is an adaptive re-use of a warehouse.

Images taken from Studio Junction's website

The sliding partition between the master bedroom and the child's bedroom might just be the right answer for an easy transition for Zach from our family bed to his own room.

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