Saturday, April 4, 2009

Christmas in Easter?

Easter is almost upon us and I just remembered that I never did show you what I was so busy with just before I left for my holidays in December last year.

I made my friends at work tree decorations from two star pieces of felt which I sewn together with random stitching and stuffed the centre. They turned out more successful than I thought they would be.

For my niece and nephew, I made them name plaques but I forgot to take photos of before I gave it to them. Now they are all the way in Bangalore with no record. Bummer!

I was going to make my mom a canvas photo frame of all her grand children but kinda ran out of time so back into the bag of "to-do"s it goes.

A tutorial or pattern will be available FREE to download within the next few weeks for all projects mentioned today!!

Edit: Free pattern can be found right here on this post. Click on the image below and it will bring you to a new webpage. Print image to A4.

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