Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sleep training part II

So I hear you asking how is the sleep training going? Well, I think it is going very well. The training is almost done now. The only problem is that the trainee is me!

I gave up fighting as it became too difficult a battle and it would ruin what little time I had with Zach after work. I figured that I might as well enjoy the time I have with him instead of insisting that he went to bed on his own. The time is precious and I shouldn't waste it.

So, now at about 8:30pm, we whisper our way into bed as Amelia is already asleep. He has his last cup of milk, say our little prayer and we go to sleep. Well, I turn my back to him and go to sleep while he continues to whisper stories and songs behind me. By the time I wake again at about 11:30, he is asleep and I have had my little late night nap. A nap that allows me to stay up for about an hour to do stuff around the house, spend time with Khoa and have my daily dose of net time.

It is working very well for us and I like the fact that there is no crying involved. I feel very strongly that when it comes to parenting if it feels right for you and it doesn't harm the child, it is right.

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