Thursday, August 14, 2008

What a weekend!

I had a wonderful weekend just past.

It actually started on Friday morning when I was witness to some history-making decisions at work. More details to come once I clear that it isn't confidential. It has to do with the exercising of a part of the Heritage Act that has never been used before!

Then, I had lunch with Khoa and a good friend who dropped into Perth for some business at Botanical Cafe at King's Park. It was such a beautiful day and food was great and not exceptionally expensive for the atmosphere and the quality. Khoa and I had the grilled fish that was served on a bed of broccoli and zucchini drizzled with a lemon aioli and our friend had the fish and chips which was served in a wooden box! The fish was grilled to a perfection and this was what crowned us as we ate. What a beautiful scene!

Due to a change in plans, we were urged by our friend to spend some time together (work-less and kid-less) before meeting up with him again that evening for a citation ceremony at the Maritime Museum in Fremantle. So off we went and spent the rest of the beautiful afternoon window shopping in Freo. The markets haven't really changed since the last time I was there which would have been more than two years ago I reckon. It sure brought back great memories. I love going to markets! There is such a grittiness and rawness that I absolutely love. Too bad I don't get to the markets enough. I was resolute to take the kids along once Amelia is a little older. I know Zach would adore the little curios and knick-knacks offered by the stalls.

We met up with our friend again at the citation ceremony that was organised by the Australia Teaching and Learning Council to recognise the efforts by lecturers and support staff at universities in Western Australia. Both Khoa and I were really inspired and have set our eyes on getting a citation. (I do intend to return to lecturing) It was good to meet up and thank some people who were an integral part of getting my PhD through the various loops and over the hurdles.

The weekend got even better on Saturday night when we joined another good friend for his 60th birthday celebrations. We were most honoured to be part of the celebrations as we were the only ones that he invited from our circle of friends and oh! the space where the dinner was held was magical!

What a wonderful weekend! I'm simply looking forward to this weekend!

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