Monday, November 17, 2008

Extraordinary Mondays - Origami adventures

I have been experimenting with some origami patterns lately for Christmas decorations and scoured the net for inspiration. I came across the prettiest origami creation I have ever seen! It's by an origami creator named Herman van Goubergen. The creation is made up of 12 units which are called "curlers". Don't you think they would make the most beautiful Christmas tree decorations?

Below is a fantastic video made by barbabellaatje that teaches you how to make it step by step:

And in the Christmas spirit of giving, I am giving away one of these origami pieces plus a kit to make one yourself. Just drop me a comment or an email and I will randomly pick the winner this time next week.


  1. Yoo hoo! Commenting first! :D Better yet, show me in person! You ARE still coming up next month, right?

  2. the answer is OF COURSE YES! Reunion organised? two new babies this time around unless I haven't been updated correctly.

  3. i like the look of that red one in the background.. though i'd be impressed if it could do
    as well

  4. sooo nice... I like the colourful ones.
    Meet u all at the reunion!



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