Wednesday, March 2, 2011

sometimes it is right there before your eyes

Khoa plays basketball weekly. And weekly, he takes his wedding rings off. Rings, as in the plural, because we each have two rings for our two weddings. Another story for another time.

Anyway, back to basketball. So he has to take his rings off to minimise injuries. Sometime several months ago, one of his rings got sucked into the mess of our home. So for months he wore only one and it looked lonely on his finger. Really did. You couldn't really go out and get a replacement. A wedding ring is special. Ours is special. They were custom made to my want for an elegant and subtly different ring.

After awhile, I didn't bother looking for it anymore. I kinda gave up hope really. I've lost so many things to our busy home.

Last weekend, after much sorting and tidying up, I've finally got the toys into some order complete with picture labels on the drawers so that our beginner reader, Zach, and our pre-reader, Amelia, and pack away without parental supervision. (wishful thinking?) When I got to the last box to be sorted, I was presented with this.

Right before my eyes, my darling husband's wedding band. FOUND!

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