Monday, May 4, 2009

Extraordinary Mondays: Kite-flying bubble-blowing weather!

See that little red speck? That's Zach's kite.

It's been lovely weather lately and we have been taking the kids out to the nearby park on the weekends.

We took Zach's kite out for the first time since we bought it and he had his first kite flying experience. You had to be there to see the delight on his face as his kite flew higher and higher. It flew for such a long time, we sat down on the grass with the kids and watched it. The kite started tugging on the handle and the thread got released more and more when suddenly, the thread was no more and the kite FLEW AWAY! Poor kid.

Anyway, that was impetus enough for Khoa to make a kite for Zach. We took the kite for a fly on the weekend. It was such a great kite and looked fantastic in flight with its red and yellow tails until it got a little tear at the tip and kept nose diving.

Zach wasn't too devastated this time as he went on to play with the bubble solution Amelia and I were playing with. Look at the bubbles we made!

Here's the recipe:

2L water
250ml washing detergent (I used Morning Fresh)
4Tblsp Glycerin

Make sure you leave it overnight to settle. It's not the greatest but it's pretty good. (I still can't get the lasting effect of the commercial bubble solutions.)

The success of bubbles really depends on the content of the water you used, humidity and wind conditions of the bubble blowing day.

Boy, I do love bubble-blowing!



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