Tuesday, May 26, 2009

under the weather

So I went to this thing last Friday evening at Central Park after work organised by the Young Designers Group at Hassell Perth. They had organised for a few talks on placemaking but didn't organise for good weather. It was pouring rain and the wind basically blew through the foyer of Central Park. ALL of us who attended tried very hard not to shiver and had to concentrate from keeping our teeth from chattering.

Image taken from Village Well website

It would all have been for nothing really but for the saving grace of the charismatic Gilbert Rochecouste from Village Well. Of all the things he said that night, the thing that stuck to me most was this: support the local and organic. So I have resolved to try to go more organic and support local growers in WA.

Anyone know of a good place for fresh fruit and veg north of the river?

Oh and I hope no one else fell ill after that night other than me. I've got a cough and cold which is making me feel kinda bleh.

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