Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Quarry Amphitheatre

Khoa and I had the honour of attending the wedding of a great friend at the Quarry Ampitheatre on the weekend. I have never been there and was surprised at not only the secludedness of the site but also of its immensity of the quarry walls.

What a lovely ceremony it was! Simple and intimate. The groom was in a simple black suit with a white shirt without a tie and the bride was in a silver gown that flowed at her toes. The wedding was at dusk with lovely colours in the sky, birds singing and the beats of an african drum duo.

The thai kitchen after the ceremony served up food in very interesting ways, such as: red curry with prawns and sago in little glasses, fried rice in mini chinese takeaway boxes and almost all other food served in shot glasses.

There is certainly very little that could beat the combination of a wedding, good food and friends to share it with.

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