Monday, August 10, 2009

Extraordinary mondays - The Toy Society

Have you ever heard of the Toy Society? They are randomly spreading love around the world by leaving handmade toys on street benches, sculptures and other public areas for a complete stranger to pick up and take home. No strings attached! Isn't it wonderful? I am so loving this about the whole craft scene at the moment. The Pay it Forwards, the random acts of kindness, etc. I do love giving more than receiving so I've joined up. It was quick and easy. Just fill in your details in the box on the left of the webpage and an email will ask for your confirmation and then another email will be sent to with you easy instructions on how to package your drop and what to include in it. Easy peasy!

If you are curious, check out their website here and see for yourself. If you want to see the past drop offs, check out their Flickr site here. Look at the toy drop below, it was right here in Perth!!

Now, what shall I make? Where shall I drop it off? Any suggestions?

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