Thursday, August 27, 2009

Did you say my SIGG bottle may have BPA?

Did I hear you correctly? Did you say that SIGG bottles are not BPA free? Yeah, you heard me right. SIGG CEO, Steve Wasik, recently released a statement that announced that the Sigg bottles manufactured before August of 2008 contained BPA in its lining. Read all about it here.

Before you go throwing away your bottles, SIGG has provided a comparative photo of the lining so that you can determine if it is a bottle containing BPA. Take a look below. The one on the left called new SIGG EcoCare liner is BPA free and the one of the right, which is the former SIGG liner, contains BPA.
Am I glad I went with my decision to buy Klean Kanteen for Zach and Amelia. Read my review of the bottles here.

I've just recently introduced Amelia to her bottle and she has taken to it quite well. I think she just likes the fact that she has a bottle like her big brother's. On the flip side, Zach has requested for his Avent spout back instead of his sports pop top. I suppose he just wants to be like his sister.

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