Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A LATE Extraordinary Monday - The Nomadic Museum

Images taken from New York Architecture Images

This may be really old, old news to you but I've just discovered it. Above are images of Shigeru Ban's first major building in New York. It only lasted 4 months, from March to June 2005, on an abandoned pier on the Hudson River.

The building was essentially shipping containers that were stacked and staggered with paper tube columns and fabric ceilings to complete the internal space. The ingenious idea was that the content of the museum could be packed into the shipping containers that made up the walls!

The museum was designed specifically for an exhibition by Gregory Colbert called Ashes and Snow. The exhibition is still travelling the world. Visit it online here. His images were ephemeral, truly baroque in nature. The capturing of a moment, a posture, a thought, an emotion. I found they truly drew me in with their quietness but created such loud internal emotional responses. These two below particularly connected with me. The intense emotion of freedom and respect between girl and a majestic being like an elephant. WOW!

Images by Gregory Colbert

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