Thursday, September 24, 2009

Come to the chemist museum

Kalgoorlie could probably be described as a one street town. This being Hannan Street. This is not to say that it is a small town. I was surprised by the grandness of the town. The extra, extra wide streets and walkways. The image below is of one of the major intersections on Hannan Street. As you can see, the streets are triple carriageway on both sides of the road! Hannan Street is lined with buildings from the years of the gold boom. An impressive collection of Federation style buildings in this town that are really kinda stuck in middle of nowhere.

Boulder, however, is a different story. Boulder is a little town next to Kalgoorlie. There is a more domestic scale with single storey buildings that line the main street, Burt Street. During my walk up and down Burt Street yesterday, I chanced upon a rather inconspicuous Chemist Museum. It was in a corner of a working chemist. It was complete with a chest of chemist drawers! (This so much reminds of the Chinese version of this - the Chinese herbalist drawers). The cupboards were lined with brown glass bottles with ointments and names of chemicals that I did not recognise. (I was never really good in Chemistry at high school.) The glass cabinets were jam-packed with medical memorabilia.

It was rather interesting to look at all the stuff but I wonder if it would have been better if the "museum" was made an integral part of the current working chemist shop. Wouldn't that be far more interesting? Seeing the immediate juxtaposition of the old with the new! I bet that would be such a trendy place to purchase your medicine. Just imagine the chemist standing behind that glass counter with the brown bottle laden glass cabinet dispensing your modern day prescription. I would go there to fill my prescription any day!

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