Sunday, September 6, 2009

Don't go throwing those SIGG bottles away!!

If you had one of those old SIGG bottles, don't throw them out yet. The clever moms at Cool mom picks and The Soft Landing have partnered with major stainless steel bottle manufacturers to bring you The Big Bottle Swap! You get 30% off if you swap and if you aren't trading in, you get 20%. Better be quick though, the offer ends on 14 September.

Image taken from The Big Bottle Swap website

I've also just found an alternative to Klean Kanteen. A lot closer to home and doesn't cost an arm and leg for shipping and handling all the way from the USA. It's called ECOtanka. It has pretty much the same bottles as Klean Kanteen and the company is based in New Zealand. I've had to put in an order for a replacement cap as Amelia dropped her bottle and broke hers. Hopefully it will fit. I'm sure it will since most of these bottles are manufactured in China and the sizes are standardised anyway.


  1. Hey Adelene, I've been looking for some new bottles and you gave me some great links. I've tried looking for BPA free bottles in Singapore and Malaysia with no hope. Many thanks!

  2. ..just to keep you updated, I've got my BPA free bottle from ECO tanka and lurve it! I got mine mailed from a Balcatta store in WA

    ..many thanks once again:)


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