Wednesday, September 23, 2009

In the red centre...well...almost...

Super Pit in Kalgoorlie (WA), originally uploaded by eamedei.

Here I am surrounded by red earth and blue skies once again and I couldn't be a happier girl! I've had a day of absorbing the atmosphere, architecture and landscape of Kalgoorlie, Boulder and Coolgardie.

I've even had a trip to the Super Pit and was at once awestruck and almost sad by how man in his might could scar the earth so badly. Gold is what they are mining in the world's biggest open working mine. I feel conflicted. I like what comes out of that mine. (In fact, I am considering purchasing a pair of local gold nugget stud earrings as a souvenir). BUT I also feel that it is so unnatural. So awful that this beautiful natural land is forever marred by this great big hole in the ground.

Well, enough of my inner conflicts. More photos to come later. I'm off to find myself some gold!

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  1. The Super Pit is amazing. I remember when I was teaching in Kalgoorlie, our classroom would tremble when explosives went off. Have you tried visiting it at night?
    Hope you enjoy visiting Kalgoorlie. I use to teach at Boulder Primary School.



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