Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mid week craft fix

I took some time off on Tuesday to do some much needed 'shopping-on-my-own' kinda shopping. One of the types of shopping under this category is craft supplies shopping. You simply just can't drag a baby, a toddler and your husband through the craft store. Your mind would be unclear and distracted. Craft shopping requires a certain quietness in the spirit and lightness in your thoughts to achieve the perfect palette for your next project.

Most of my craft projects begin as a vague idea and slowly develops as I walk through the aisles of the store. AND very often one project becomes ten projects, the longer I spend in the store. So on Tuesday, with a vague idea for Amelia's shoes, I walked in and savoured the excitement as the design of her shoes began to form in my head. I left the store inspired and armed with a bag full of 'stuff'. (Yes, the single project did become a few more because they were having a fabric sale!)

I haven't had a chance to start on Amelia's shoes yet but here are the bits and pieces.

Oh and watch this space as I slowly unpack the 'stuff' from that BIG shopping bag I came out of the store with!

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