Saturday, June 14, 2008

Untitled no. 1

During my last week of maternity leave, I transferred an image I had been carrying in my head for months onto canvas. It was the first time I had actually painted in so many layers but I thoroughly enjoyed watching the painting come alive in front of my eyes. It was also the first time I felt that I had truly developed a personal painting style. It has taken so many years but I think I am beginning to feel like I am now able to express myself in my own style. The priming of the canvas, a colour wash, a gesso layer, a thicker gesso layer providing the texture and then the colour layers. It was so much fun!

The painting, or rather I should say, the paintings (I had envisioned the image in two parts) are now on the most prominent wall in my kitchen/dining room. I do wonder if it is worthy of that position. Maybe in a few years, I could supersede it with something else. Anyway, it was the only place it could go and it fitted really well into the available space.

I have yet to name it so I have just settled for Untitled no. 1 for the moment.

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